Environmental assessment and protection of the territory

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The mandate of the JBACE is to study and oversee the implementation of the environmental and social protection regime in the territory covered by Section 22 of the JBNQA (the Territory). Environmental assessment and protection of the Territory are therefore at the hear of the committee’s work.

Cumulative effects

For several years, the JBACE has been interested in the issues, challenges and potential solutions concerning the consideration of cumulative effects in the context of projects subject to environmental assessment and at the regional level in the Territory. The JBACE is also interested in the consideration of cumulative effects during the development of laws, regulations, policies and programs that have an impact on the Territory.

Recent actions:

  • May 2016: study examining the consideration of cumulative effects in the directive, the environmental impact statement, the review and the authorization of seven projects submitted to the Section 22 impact assessment and review procedure, prepared for the JBACE by an expert; and workshop between the JBACE and the Section 22 evaluating and review committees (among other bodies) to discuss the findings and recommendations of the study with the intention of improving the procedure
  • Spring-summer 2019: JBACE participation in the roundtables for the creation of the Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects
  • Summer 2019: Work on a gap analysis by the Analyst and an intern
  • Fall 2020: development of an action plan covering four courses of action: data, directives, regional planning and regional policy
  • Fall 2022: development of the strategy for the first course of action – data


Quebec's Environmental Quality Act and associated regulations

The Environment Quality Act (EQA) was introduced in 1972. It was then modified in 2016 and the amended EQA was assented in March 2017. Several regulations for the implementation of the revised EQA were developed, including the Regulation respecting the regulatory scheme applying to activities on the basis of their environmental impact. In addition, changes have been made through a regulatory omnibus in 2022.

Recent actions:

  • September 2015: comments on the Livre Vert regarding modernization of the EQA; namely, on the inclusion of SEAs, modifications to the environmental authorization system, access to information, transparency, and participation
  • November 2016: adoption of a brief on Bill 102 regarding the modernization of the EQA
  • October 2017: opinion on regulations for the implementation of the revised EQA
  • March 2019: comments on the draft document entitled Climate change and environmental authorizations - A Guide for project proponents
  • 2019: participation of the JBACE in the activities of the sectoral co-creation tables established for the development of the regulatory framework for implementation activities of the revised Environmental Quality Act
  • April 2020: comments on the draft Regulation respecting the regulatory scheme applying to activities on the basis of their environmental impact


Canada's Impact Assessment Act an associated regulations

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) was introduced in 1992 and came into force in 1995, then was replaced by the CEAA 2012. In 2016, the federal government undertook a review of its environmental assessment processes. This review led to the drafting of the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) that came into force in August 2019.

Recent actions:

  • April 2018: comments on Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
  • June 2019: comments on the development of anIndigenous Knowledge Policy Frameworkfor proposed project reviews and regulatory reviews
  • Since 2018: participation in consultations in the context of the implementation of the IAA