Land Use Planning and Forest Management

Tactical Plans for Integrated Forest Development

Before receiving ministerial approval, the JBACE can study and comment on the Tactical Plans for Integrated Forest Development (the “Plans d’aménagement forestier intégré tactique,” in French, commonly referred to using their French acronyms – PAFITs) of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts (MRNF) covering the Territory. This recurring issue is specific to the committee's mandate. The review covers a number of subjects of importance to the Territory (e. g. wildlife resources, access to the Territory) in order to promote improvements to forest planning and management processes.

Actions undertaken for to the review of the 2023-2028 PAFITs:

  • August 2022: workshop to adopt the review parameters
  • Fall 2022: hiring of an external firm for the review
  • Novembre 2022: receipt of the draft PAFITs and beginning of the review
  • February 2023: adoption of the review report by the members and submission of the report to the MRNF
  • Summer 2023: publication of the PAFIT on the MRNF website
  • August 2023: publication of the JBACE report (see here)
  • Coming: feedback from the MRNF


Land use Planning

Several tool for land use planning can be developed. The Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory is one of the few regions in Québec not to be covered by a regional plan for integrated natural resource and land development (PRDIRT). This situation poses unique challenges in terms of the orientations and priorities for regional development and conservation. The Agreement on Governance in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory (signed in July 2012) provides for the participation of the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Regional Government (EIJBRG) in the revision of the public land use plan (PATP) and the preparation of a PRDIRT applicable to the Category III lands in the Territory.

Recent actions:

  • March 2017: notice to EIJBRG concerning its participation in the revision of the PATP
  • October 2017: second opinion to EIJBRG, concerning its preparation of a PRDIRT
  • August 2018: comments to the MERN concerning the proposal for a revised approach to public land use planning
  • Ongoing: preparation for the publication of the PATP for the Nord-du-Québec region



The status of the Woodland Caribou has been troubling for several years and, given its cultural importance to the Cree communities, the JBACE has been monitoring the situation for at least ten years. The recovery of the Woodland Caribou requires the attention of all levels of government and the JBACE has a common interest in the implementation of the Woodland Caribou plans produced by both the federal and provincial governments.

Recent actions:

  • September 2016: letter to the MFFP expressing the JBACE’s concerns about the impact of forest management on Woodland Caribou habitat
  • June 2017: recommendation to the MFFP regarding the interlinkage of the Woodland Caribou recovery strategy and forest management planning (via PAFIT)
  • November 2017: comments to the federal and provincial governments highlighting the importance of a dialogue between them and the Cree so as to ensure that the Woodland Caribou recovery plans and strategies are adapted to the context of the Territory
  • May 2019: presentations from ECCC and the MFFP on the progress made in developing measures for the recovery of Woodland Caribou
  • May 2022: comments in the context of the Commission indépendante sur les caribous forestiers et montagnards
  • Summer 2022: response to a request from ECCC concerning legislative measures in the Territory of Application of Section 22 of the JBNQA that could contribute to the protection of boreal caribou and/or their critical habitat
  • March 2023: internal JBACE workshop to get an update on the progress of the work of parties concerned